Branded rental application and tenant screening
Branded rental application and tenant screening

Tenant Screening - free for Landlords

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Build your custom rental application and tenant screening workflow with ease.

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Fast, Accurate and Reliable Reports:

Full Credit Reports including FICO or Vantage scores.Nationwide Criminal Background CheckEviction History including judgments and liensMost reports are ready within minutes

How it works:
Build your rental application Share your link with applicants wherever you wish - in ads, via email, sms and more. When applicants apply, you'll be notified and the reports will be ready with the application Applicants pay for the screening reports at the time of application. Easy to work with real estate professionals too!

Fellow landlord Helen Gray shares:

"When we need to screen tenants, we need a service that's reliable, convenient and safe for all parties. Rent Application is all of that."

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